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I was in a situation with staffing a call center two years ago at Barbara’s Answering Service (the world and unemployment rates were a lot different, but I believe you’ll find similarities still). Coming up to the holiday season in 2018 (our busiest time of the year) I had lost 3 long time employees to health issues and was desperate to find new call agents. I hired and attempted to train 6 different people, only 1 worked out. The others didn’t have the basic skill set to do the job, and/or they just stopped showing up after realizing this job can be rather demanding at times. The core issue being that a call center rep isn’t a desirable job in the United States any longer. Being understaffed for the holidays was horrible, all current employees ended up working tons of overtime, I was working the phones 7 days a week, 12 hours a day to maintain quality of service, and when an employee would call out sick at the last minute, Gloria and I could only look at each other with a laugh, then grab a cup of coffee, and work another 8 hours.

A decision to outsource the answering service  had to be made and this is where BurkiBPO came in.  We no longer needed to do much training for the call center agents and not be worried on staffing requirements because BurkiBPO had the personnel to do the service.

BurkiBPO services can be relied upon at all times – day or night.


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