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Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

Customer Support

We offer Omni channel solutions to your customer service needs. From telephone, email, SMS, live chat, and social media needs; we can handle it all.

Web Development

BurkiBPO specializes in website design and development services. We have various experience in many types of websites from bike shops to financial companies.

Digital Marketing

BurkiBPO offers a thorough approach to increasing website rankings by best SEO practices. Social media is a great force in getting customer leads and product promotions.

Graphic Designs

BurkiBPO’s creative team produces imaginative and effective graphics with customer needs iand preferences in mind.

Order Fulfillment Center

BurkiBPO can handle your order fulfillment needs from receiving products from supplies to the delivery of goods to customers. Contact us for your need and we will get right to it.

virtual assistant services

BurkiBPO can handle your virtual assistant services needs from Admin/Management Tasks, Technical Work, Research Tasks, Bookkeeping, and Marketing.

Efficient and time-tested Business Solutions

BurkiBPO for the best business outsourcing process services.

BurkiBPO  supplement business needs across multiple departments with knowledgeable staff who understand your business values and processes. Rest easy knowing your business is in good hands 24 hours a day. Take our 60 second survey to see how Burki BPO can best benefit your company.

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