What B2B Customers Want from E-Commerce Business

B2B customers

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The COVID pandemic has brought about the rise of e-commerce websites as a way for businesses to sustain and add a revenue stream. Many B2B companies have launched their own e-commerce marketplace.For a lot this was a significant shift from the traditional way of doing business and have not taken into consideration the different requirements of B2B clients B2B e-commerce have different expectations that need to be fulfiilled.

It is understandable why B2B companies are considering e-commerce as they create a wider ecosystem for business. The ecosystem has a long-lasting and tangible impact and helps an organization with digital transformation programs.

But it is not only a transformation from a B2C setting to a B2B one. The customer experience in transactions is a much simpler process in a B2C transactions. In a B2C setting, a ciient transaction is pretty straightforward – reliable and fast delivery, competitive pricing and good product or service. When these elements are fulfilled then a B2C client is satisfied.

A B2B setting is different since customers have far more needs and requirements, these may include:

Requirement for made to order items

There are B2B websites that allow custom made or made to order sales. This means that the product will only be produced on a made to order basis and sometimes with significant specifications. Because the internet is global, websites should consider that different countries have different measurement standards and this could be a major challenge.

Customers would need a flexible measurement method as well as other customization options specific to the location.

Ability to order from any place in the word

Most customers appreciate it when they can make an order from different locations. For B2B transactions, the e-commerce site must be able to take on the currency conversions and country taxes that go with the purchase  Another thing to take into account would be the shipping costs of which clients should be given options.

Non-Standard Prices

Prices for items sold for B2B e-commerce are standard. There is no negotiation unlike for B2C transactions. And even if its bulk buying the prices remain the same.B2B customers would like an opportunity to have avail for discounts when they make purchase. 

B2B Customer Experience (CX)

The Headless Commerce architecture is the most effective way to address B2B e-commerce CX. A Headless Commerce separates the back end and front end of the application and relies on the use of an API for connection of multiple platforms. This allows customers to purchase items on the platform of choice and lets businesses approve orders through smart devices or voice assistants.

Such a process assists B2B companies to connect their different systems. Some finished products cannot be completed without other materials from other companies. This requires some complexity in the e-commerce marketplace but due to user demands, this has to be made.

This can be a whole lot of different experience for the B2B clients thus companies must expect different reactions and feedback.

Consider Change Management

The shift to B2B digital methods may be significant and a lot of adjustments can be seen for both the business and the customers. Do not take this for granted. CX must be able to take into account these changes and business must be able to manage this well.

Customers will appreciate if they will be guided and assisted on the transition.

In Conclucsion

B2B customers have different expectations. The requirements are more complex and tedious. Providing a positive CX can be achieved with an effective process.

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