Why You Need a Customer Centric Business

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These days businesses should have a customer centric strategy to survive, Many businesses still fail to implement  customer centricity  as a vital component of the business values. Many are not centered on their customers and in most likelihood the B2B business is short on customer centricity.

When the business is not customer centric

Most B2B organizations have customer service operations that are transactional in nature.  The business concern is more on solving the issue then closing the ticket. This may be effective for some time but does not really support the full customer aspect.

The question most would ask is why should a business be customer centric?

One reason for this is that customer centricity is a selling point for the business and if it fails fo fulfill the promises made to customers, they will find out. If a product offers quality then the com[any should see to it that it does not offer less.  If the brand is known for a certain product feature then it should be consistent with that it says it provided.

Another reason for customer centricity is that the process is a two-way street.  It is about providing the best customer experience.  In this manner, customers remain loyal to the brand. Hubspot reports that clients are more 60% to 70% more likely to buy products from previous supplies and 80% are willing to pay more if there is better customer experience according to SuperOffice.

Goals of customer centricity

It is established that customer centricity is crucial. In order The following goals must be set:

  • Never neglect personalized customer service

Customer health should be measured  and given importance. A business must always prioritized service and attention to clients.

  • Strive for better customer understanding

Knowing what is important to the customers and determining their needs are ways to better understand them. Do not neglect what they are trying to say to the company and see to it that issues are addressed right away.

  • Shift to problem solving perspective

See to it that the problems of customers are attended to. Do not allow issues to be dragged and solved longer. Customers do not appreciate a long waiting time.

  • Cultivate active listening skills 

Instill in all personnel especially those handling customer service to have good listening skills.  This is important to understand customers and improve the products.

Customer centricity is not to be taken lightly if a business insteads to succeed and compete in a particular niche.  Burki BPO can assist you to establish tis strategy across your organization.  Be sure to call us when this need arises in your business.

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