Benefits of Outsourcing a Business Process

outsourcing benefits

Outsourcing services have become more popular as businesses have seen how effective they can be in achieving business goals. With a plethora of benefits that can really make internet marketers happy, it is also a very convenient process. Outsourcing a business process is now very straightforward since there are more companies offering services for online […]

What Makes a Good Website


A website is the most important marketing asset that you can have for the business. It is the first-contact point for most customers and often it is used for marketing campaigns.  It is vital that the setup of your website should be stable not only for aesthetics but for online marketing.  Below are some questions […]

HTTP to HTTPS: For Added Security and Credibility


HTTPS is a more secure connection than HTTP. What happens when you connect your website using HTTP? Basically, it connects to the IP address found and assumes it is the correct one.  If the network is compromised, it cannot verify whether it is legitimate or not. Since the site is not a secure one, it […]

Big Companies That Use WordPress for Website Development


WordPress started as a simple blogging platform built on MySQL and PHP.  The main purpose was then to help bloggers. It is an open-source software which means that many people are putting improvements and above all it is free. Many still believe that WordPress is not a proper website development platform and has been stereotyped […]