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WordPress started as a simple blogging platform built on MySQL and PHP.  The main purpose was then to help bloggers. It is an open-source software which means that many people are putting improvements and above all it is free.

Many still believe that WordPress is not a proper website development platform and has been stereotyped for “just blogging”. Security is an issue that is often raised by some.

But the world is ever changing, and blogging has evolved and come a long way. It has become profitable to be a blogger and people have amassed fortunes from doing so, Blogging has grown to be one of the best ways to show authority on a subject. It is now used for lead generation and online marketing.

Blogging is now considered a cornerstone for some businesses. It is the best way to let customers know about products and services. WordPress has gone from a mere blogging platform to the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) globally.

WordPress is still free and much to the surprise of people, it is being used by the biggest companies or organizations on the planet:

The Official Websites for Star Wars Blog, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and other entertainment personalities and sites

WordPress is not only an amazing platform, but also scalable. Check the websites of known entertainers and personalities and notice how beautiful the design is. This is all possible using WordPress and its various themes. With a little tweak from a talented website developer, the site will capture the personality and talent of the artist. Integration with social media platforms and other services are also possible. 

The “Walking Dead” series of AMC was able to integrate fans all over the world through a service called StorySync. Through this application, people from all other parts of the world shares experiences and videos. It had the capability of sharing episodes.  WordPress is flexible enough to be integrated with other applications.

The Google Ventures, Mozilla Blog, Yahoo!, Facebook Newsroom, and TechCrunch etc.

WordPress Is capable with analytics and SEO plugins.  It provides users to launch in a fly the plugins needed. This is the reason that such big names in the tech industry uses WordPress. It is user-friendly that even someone with minimal skills can install plugins.

Matt Cutts of Google has a personal blog built on WordPress. Danny Sullivan has a news site called Search Engine Land that has WordPress as its CMS. The SaaS application named OptinMonster is running on WordPress due to a lot of API requests.

WordPress is a very dynamic platform that would be able to support any kind of website from small retail stores to technical companies.  It is capable and reliable.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

NASA is a very serious agency and scientists needed a platform that will be able to adjust to their spur of the moment needs. WordPress was the platform they turned to.

One NASA scientist said, “We use WordPress as a flexible platform. It is a CMS that we adopt to a whole bunch of needs”.

Even the non-technical people of NASA, were able to contribute to their blog and upload posts on their own. This indicates how easy to use the WordPress CMS.

Marks & Spencer, eBay Inc., Best Buy, Xerox, Verizon, and other businesses

The WordPress platform supports e-Commerce. It has taken its role with big brands mentioned. It can set up shops, market products, manage inventory and have other features ideal for e-Commerce. Payment and shipping support is available.

Reuter’s Blog, BBC America, CNN, The New Yorker, and other news agencies

On an average news sites get more than a million visitors per day and even more than 5 million for special days like election time. The WordPress platform helps news sites by not crashing with all those traffic. It has the capability to handle high volumes resulting in those websites having reliability and trustworthiness. Optimal performance is what WordPress delivers to these news websites.

In conclusion

It is clearly shown here that WordPress is dynamic, and it can support almost all kinds of sites. From small Mom and Pop stores to popular shop brands. Users can be assured of its reliability and uninterrupted services. 

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