Why Cybersecurity Should Be a Priority

cyber security

Many small businesses do not always have security in mind. But they can be victims to hackers just like big corporations. Cybersecurity issues have been on the rise and companies are beginning to realize that this is also a concern like physical security.  Cybersecurity has now become a top priority in this digital world. Customers […]

How Virtual Assistants Can Help in Meetings

meetings with VAs help

With virtual assistants, you can have stress-free meetings. If you know how to delegate tasks and provide clear instructions then the entire meeting preparation, as well as the actual meeting, will be a breeze. Virtual assistants can help with the following tasks before the meeting: Schedule the meeting date/s and time Travel arrangements, if any […]

Job Offers via Text Messaging is a Scam

fake job offers

The pandemic has given rise to thousands and thousands who are now out of work due to the close of businesses or the implementation of a leaner work staff. Finding work is now a challenge to many and scammers who are aware how hard it is to look for work prey on this and trick people […]

Difference Between Virtual Assistants and Regular Employees

VAs vs regular employees

Virtual assistants and regular employees have major differences in terms of the overall cost. It is a fact that hiring virtual assistants costs less than getting full-time employees. Both types of workers carry out the same tasks like office management, admin tasks, and social media work. But as a businessman, you have to decide which […]

Working with Virtual Assistants

how virtual assistants help in business

The importance of virtual assistants to a busy businessman cannot be taken for granted. VAs not only frees the businessman from doing mundane tasks but saves time so that focus on the important aspect of running a business can be made. But in order for virtual assistants to do their jobs well, they must be […]

How SEO Benefits Small Businesses

search engine optimization SEO

SEO is important for small businesses. There are many questions as to how small businesses manage their SEO campaigns with limited budgets. To be very direct, it boils down to prioritizing needs and seeing to it that it is successful moving forward. This is an important element to grow the online presence while trimming costs […]

Importance of Domain Name in SEO

domain names

There was a time when a domain name was very vital for search engine optimization (SEO). However, it is a bit different nowadays and a thorough understanding of how this works is important so SEO efforts would be successfully implemented. EMDs or exact match domains were a big deal some years ago. Google, the premier […]

Trends in Graphic Design

graphic design

Graphic design is not only for print media. It has now gone into the digital market. The past decade has been the era of evolution in marketing. Consumer behavior did a radical shift, especially in 2020 when most had to resort to non face–to-face purchases and the online business boomed.  With this trend, graphic designs […]

Ways to Keep Website Security

website security

Website security is one aspect that should not be taken lightly for enterprises, as well as small businesses. No matter how small the company is, there is always relevant information that needs to be protected. Simple as it may seem, website security has its share of vulnerabilities and some are complex to handle. However, there […]

What is the Best Call Center Solution for Your Company

call center solutions

Chat, phone, email, or internet messenger – which is the best call center solution for a company? The answer to this is, ALL OF THEM! Call centers some years ago were populated with headset-wearing operators for inbound and outbound calls. They were located in one physical space but because of the pandemic and health concerns, many […]