How Virtual Assistants Can Help in Meetings

meetings with VAs help

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With virtual assistants, you can have stress-free meetings. If you know how to delegate tasks and provide clear instructions then the entire meeting preparation, as well as the actual meeting, will be a breeze.

Virtual assistants can help with the following tasks before the meeting:

  • Schedule the meeting date/s and time
  • Travel arrangements, if any
  • Take care of refreshments or food for the meeting
  • Coordinate with other team members
  • Conduct research when needed
  • Prepare documents and proofread them
  • Make presentations
  • Prepare and send out meeting notices
  • Communicate with all concerned

During the actual meeting itself, the virtual assistant can do the following:

  • Take notes or record the meeting
  • See to it that the venue or conference room has enough chairs/tables and is well-lit
  • Test the sound system if it is working well
  • Be ready for documents needed
  • See to it that the presentation app is going to run well
  • Manage tasks assigned
  • Monitor and troubleshoot if things go wrong

After the conference or meeting, the VA can do the following:

  • Take care of the conference or venue and see to it that it is returned to its actual state
  • Make expense or disbursement report
  • Follow up with attendees if there are needed documents
  • Manage tasks assigned¬†
  • Communicate with attendees and other team members

Apart from the tasks mentioned above, VAs can also provide ideas and suggestions all throughout the process. Most virtual assistants are experienced and skilled and will have some inputs.

Below are some suggestions to have more productive meeting preparations with your virtual assistant:

See to it that you have a clear meeting agenda

A clear meeting agenda must be put in place so the meeting will go on smoothly. The VA would also know what to reply in case attendees ask what the meeting is all about.

Try to make the meeting short but concise

Inform the VA how many hours or minutes you want to run the meeting. Bear in mind that people have short attention spans and it will not do good if the meeting will go on for hours and not accomplish anything.

Get rid of distractions

Distractions during the meeting will cause delays and you lose precious time. Be sure to tell the VAs to let attendees know that mobile phones must be turned off and they should not be disturbed.

Prepare task assignments

If the meeting or conference will have a lot of attendees then you should have more VAs assisting. This is true for big events that need more people to do preparation. Prepare tasks and delegate them.

Virtual assistants are qualified, skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable to provide administrative and other tasks for a business. These kinds of workers are now in demand, especially during this COVID19 time. The VAs are valuable to help and can make business life easier. They can assist in making your meetings and conferences run smoothly. Be sure to tap on this valuable resource for any need. You can partner with a good VA agency to get the best people to do the tasks.

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