Job Offers via Text Messaging is a Scam

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The pandemic has given rise to thousands and thousands who are now out of work due to the close of businesses or the implementation of a leaner work staff. Finding work is now a challenge to many and scammers who are aware how hard it is to look for work prey on this and trick people to lure them to bogus job offers.   What is common now are job offers made through text or SMS messaging. The text or SMS message would provide information of a job opening and naturally, if one is jobless, he or she would grab the opportunity and keep on communication or conversation with the recruiter.  The end point of this is the recruiter would require a fee for their services while making promises that the person will get hired.

It is important to be aware of how these job scams can be determined. Below are some tips to be mindful of:

  • Payment or a fee is required

This is the most common sign that the job offer is a scam. When payment is asked, this is a sure indication that something is not right. A legit employer will never have this kind of arrangement with recruits.

  • Experience is not required

When the job description is not clear and there is no indication of what type of experience is needed then the job offer can be a fake one. Although it is possible for entry level positions to get inexperienced people, the job details must be clear and should state the tasks to be done.

  • Suspicious text messages or emails

Any email that does not have information from the contact company can be marked as suspicious. Take for example, the body of the letter says that it is from a certain XYZ company but the From email address is Legit companies have corporate email addresses and that in itself is already an indication that the company is a fake one.

The same goes with mobile numbers.  Some big companies have their own company stamp for text.  Be aware of messages that have out of the country codes as they may come from international job scammers.

  • You did not apply for any job

Many scammers would say that they saw your listing from some database or someone mentioned your need for work.  It is better to make some background checks on the company offering the work.

  • Unprofessional communication

If the text message or email is full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes then be wary of this job offer as it can come from international job scammers.

  • Work is too good to be true

When the job offer pays a salary that is too good to be true.  Scammers        promise high salaries and extraordinary perks just to get your attention. Be sure to check the offer thoroughly and ask its legitimacy.

  • They want to get your sensitive information

If the recruiter will ask for personal information like driver’s license number, credit card data or bank account details, it is more of a scam rather than a legit job offer. No legitimate company will ask for such information from people applying for a job.

How to check if job offer is fake?

Here are some pointers to help you assess if the offer is a real one or a fake.

  • Interview process – Scammers usually interview using the phone or through SMS or text. Real job interviews are formal meetings and thus should be conducted face to face.
  • Job details – When the job description is vague or the absence thereof then that offer is most likely to be fake.
  • Background check – Do a background check first and find out if the company is a legit one and whether the job offer comes from that company.

The best way to avoid being fooled by these scammers is not to give them attention. It is best to ignore their job offers and source out from legit companies or agencies or on ads. Do not take chances!


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