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Graphic design is not only for print media. It has now gone into the digital market. The past decade has been the era of evolution in marketing. Consumer behavior did a radical shift, especially in 2020 when most had to resort to non faceto-face purchases and the online business boomed. 

With this trend, graphic designs became more colorful, pleasing, and informative, The trends in graphic designs have empowered the digital brand experience more.

The world of marketing has been transformed to let brands adopt conversation marketing methods to connect with consumers. This has resulted in creative design to have socially conscious graphics and provide full aesthetics for the consumers.

Below are some dominant trends that have emerged in the past years.

Color palettes

Color schemes for a brand are essential and this is a challenge for most designers. The trend nowadays is for muted color palettes and duo tones in designs to captivate customers.

Muted colors are the easiest way to give graphics a fresh look. It is a good alternative from the black and white combinations or dark and light colors. Creative graphic designs will leverage these color tones to give an organic and natural look to the brand.

Icons and illustrations

Many graphic design artists use illustrations and icons as a standard design element. Flat designs or 2D helps brands to communicate information in a simple, minimalistic manner. These elements attract the attention of brands that use simple to complex designs that have less text.

Data visualization

Brands look to acquire and sustain a huge customer base that capitalizes on data to make the business thrive. To make it easy for clients to identify brand content, graphic designers are using the act of easy data visualization.

The trend is to use these data, using different forms like graphs and illustrations that are visually appealing. Graphic designs that combine technical analytics and storytelling are much in demand. This type of presentation is going to thrive because the human brain is wired to the visual stimulus of data, rather than contextual content.

Blur and grain images

One popular trend in graphic designs is the use of gradients. This year, creative designers have started the trend of popping text on a background. This is where blur and grain techniques are most useful. The trend was then picked up by the market due to the use of social media as well as the aesthetic effect of the blur and grain on shadows and textures.

Blur and grain keeps the design look vibrant. This is forecasted to be a futuristic design trend as it allows designers to play around with different elements and colors.

The graphic design industry is growing day by day with more techniques and styles. The  industry is moving along digital marketing trends towards a more open style that meets client needs. The minimalist trend, coupled with the styles we discussed would certainly help in brand recognition and customer engagement. A good website design is now a factor in many online businesses.

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