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There was a time when a domain name was very vital for search engine optimization (SEO). However, it is a bit different nowadays and a thorough understanding of how this works is important so SEO efforts would be successfully implemented.

EMDs or exact match domains were a big deal some years ago. Google, the premier search engine used, would place the website on top of searches because the domain has the search term. This gave the website the ranking power and validity. Other techniques used for domains to support SEO is the use of sub domains and sub folders to place other keywords into the URL.

The time came when everything was changed. Google then decided that authoritative sites need more than just a keyword-driven domain name. The algorithm was changed and they added more factors into account for SEO and these included reliable content and referring sites.

The content was now given more emphasis on SERPs.

Before, Google listed results and made fonts in bold for keywords which often included domain names. Nowadays, the schema markup or a piece of content from the site is in bold which shows that content relies heavily on page ranking.

Bottom line now is that domain names are no longer an automatic high ranking factor in search engine results pages (SERPs).

So, when do domain names matter?

For one thing, a domain name is a first step in the marketing strategy. The domain names must fit with the company brand and should not be complicated.

The name picked alone is not the only consideration. Companies must choose top-level domain (TLD) portions for the URL. It does matter whether the company is a .com, .org, or .net. It is recommended that businesses and organizations stick to a .com domain. This is due to the fact that people always assume that .com is used and is very common. The domain name must be professional and readable.

How domains affect pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

Domain names have an impact on PPC. If space is limited for ads, having a keyword in the domain may be effective. People usually look for products or services and not companies. Local SEO results can be higher if the location is included in the URL.

An example is someone who is searching for a flower shop in the South Miami area. Placing the location would generate better visibility – A location-based TLD would also be beneficial for search results –

 Changing domain name

At this point, businesses might think it is best to change the domain name. Well, it depends on what it is. If the domain name is already an exact match domain then there is no need to do anything about it.

Businesses that have gained traffic and visibility do not need to change since years of work and reputation have been made for that domain. What should be done is to focus on quality content, building referral links, and getting more good reviews or testimonials.

If the company is new and starting, consider a change. Consider that the company grows and adds more products or services. Placing an exact match domain may limit the visibility and growth potential. The key is to go beyond exact keywords and look more into generalities.

No matter where the company is now on SEO efforts, a review of the domain name is important, and add this to the SEO strategy. BurkiBPO can assist any business in the management of an SEO strategy. Contact us today to discuss what is required.

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