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BurkiBPO or Burki Business Process Outsourcing values referrals and for us this is a gold mine! It is the less costly of all marketing efforts and it has been one of the reasons for the continued success of the business. We have found ways to make our customer experience awesome service. We have built a strong flow of referral business and a strong flow of new clients.

We keep clients informed all throughout the project.

Communication is vital for all businesses. After the financials of a project has been taken cared of, we immediately schedule a call or a meeting to discuss project process and stages. Clients are not left in the dark and will always know what is happening through a a CRM or a customer relationship management system that they can access anytime.

Keeping in touch on a regular basis prevents clients from getting anxious about their investment. Updates are given through the project tools available.

We create and follow a realistic time schedule.

Another thing that we are conscious of are the deliverables. A realistic timeline is set up together with the process flow. Each key point is identified, and touch points determined. This will serve as a guide as to what and when results are expected.

As a known internet guru, James Schramko, has said, “You can either design your process to delight or to disappoint.”

We provide extra value for the patronage.

To build loyalty and awareness, we give a bit of extra value to your customer patronage. This can be in the form of extra assistance like setting up a Facebook account or an email account. If there is something we can do for the client then we will be happy to provide.

The result of having happy clients.

Our reputation and market base are on the rise. What is more important is that we are referred as a reputable and professional business outsourcing company. We have repeat and satisfied clients who know our capabilities and credibility. Our service prices are competitive, but we assure clients on the value for money that they have invested.

Give BurkiBPO a call or send a message for any of your business processing outsource needs from customer service to graphics design, we got you covered.

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