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There are 3 keys to customer service success, that is, consistency, consistency, and consistency. While in real estate, location is a prime consideration, in customer service, consistency is the key to customer service success.

Although there is much to say about delivering a good customer service experience. However, there is something else in building customer loyalty that should be consistent and predictable. Customers must be able to count on the business to attend to what they need all the time. This in turn creates a good experience which is one of the basis for customer loyalty and patronage.

Let us cover how a business delivers a consistent customer experience.

Delivering a consistent quality of product or service

The company product or service must meet the expectations of the customers every time.

It does not matter if customer service is good and the product is sub-standard. All the good points will go to waste. The business will lose customers if this situation is prevalent.

Channels for interaction between client and the company should be consistent.

In this digital world, clients connect with companies in many different ways. There is the usual phone call as well as emails and social media channels.

Chatbots can now be found on websites for faster interaction. There are messaging apps available to communicate as well.

These channels must be open and available all the time. Some businesses have put up CRMs to take care of project monitoring and lead management. Through such apps that would be available in mobile form, a customer can be in contact with the business in real-time.

Company personnel’s mindsets should be consistent.

Business personnel must have a positive attitude and effort towards customer needs. This means that whoever the customer talks to within the organization, that person can answer or attend to what is needed. If today a customer talks to Jack then tomorrow he gets to speak to Jane, both employees can be of service to him. The customer need not repeat what he or she is asking because the issue is on a common depository and the action is transparent to everyone in the organization.

When customers give a positive remark or review about the company, they would say:

  • “They are so helpful and knowledgeable about the product.”
  • “When I called, someone was always around to answer and work on the issue.”
  • “They always provide feedback or action on any pressing issue.”
  • “The after-office hours’ hotline is always available no matter how late the hour is.”
  • “The service is always efficient and immediate.”

When the word, always, is used and followed by a positive note about the company, it is a sure way to determine that the business is CONSISTENT and this is appreciated by its customers.

Delivering a consistent customer experience creates confidence for the business product and service. Being consistent is one way to show that the business values customer service experience.

BurkiBPO is proud to say that consistency is a mark of our service and products. We assure you that anything we do will always be for the benefit of our customers. Connect with BurkiBPO for any business processing outsourcing needs.

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