Outsourcing Trends: Why a Filipino Team is a Good Option

outsourcing trends

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Let’s talk about outsourcing trends. It cannot be denied that the Philippines is one of the most sought-after outsourcing hubs in the world. In fact, the country is a favorite of many American and European clients when it comes to outsourcing and offshoring services.

Ever wonder why? Look at the benefits you avail of when outsourcing to the Filipinos:

Compatible cultures

Having been governed by the United States for almost 60 years (1899 to 1946), it is no wonder that Filipinos of today are seen as expressing a culture compatible with that of the West. Do not be surprised once you get to this country — touring around, you will see countless establishments patterned after popular Western fixtures by the strip. The clothes they sport, the gadgets they use, the food and coffee they order from fast food chains all show visible traces of something western in them.

When it comes to language, Filipinos speak eloquent American English better than other Asians. For a fact, English is the medium of instruction at all levels in the Philippine educational system. This is one of the important reasons why clients from the West find it comfortable doing business in this part of the globe.

Even in the countryside, you will encounter local folks who can speak and understand American English. Although it is only a second language, but it has been designated as the language for business and education in this country.

World-class talents

Another reason why you should outsource to Filipinos is their multiple talents and world class expertise on subject areas. Many of them have already made their mark – both locally and internationally. Anywhere around the world, Filipino workers have been known to excel in their respective areas of expertise. College graduates with distinction from such fields as Science, Arts, Technology, Medicine, Business easily find employment with foreign corporations.

Adaptability and flexibility

If they are paid justly, Filipinos are not ones to complain. Instead, they work seriously, even rendering service for long hours to get a job done right and perfect. They can easily adjust to any environment, climate, foreign cultures and just about anything. Being able to adjust to any situation is one trait that seems to be inherent amongst workers which makes them efficient and effective at the same time.

There are still a dozen or so of reasons why you should choose to delegate your non-core and IT-related functions to expert Filipino professionals. For beginners, they have the passion and dedication in whatever they are assigned to.

Cost efficiency

Apart from the aforementioned, doing business in this country is cost efficient. Why? The Philippines belongs to the so-called low labor nations. Here, you can get an outsourced job done professionally at a fraction of the price in the US or Europe – with the same quality! Indeed, the country is by far, the most ideal outsourcing destination of today.

Outsource to Filipinos now and have your job done fast at a price you can afford. Indeed, companies looking for outsourcing services should not have a hard time finding the right partner! Outsourcing trends in the BPO industry point to a lot of Asian companies but a Filipino team is worth looking into.

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