Best B2B Websites to Derive Inspiration

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Well designed B2B websites may be a factor for converting visitors to purchasers. Those who want to redesign or even create a new website for their business can find inspiration from these B2B website examples. Whether its a redesign or a new website, BurkiBPO can assist and create the website that you always wanted. 

Blake Envelopes

The business is all about envelopes and postal packaging options. One thing that is outstanding in this website it it’s ability to convey products that they offer on every page. Colors are vibrant and clear providing a good user experience.

Reputation Squad

When businesses cannot get the feedback that customers  post online then this is a problem in communication. Reputation Squad addresses this deficiency and has done so successfully. The website provides clients the feeling that they are in the future. The pages are designed to shift and move as it is scroll and the content is clear to read. 

Orbital Sidekick

This website delivers information from space to commercial and government organizations so that social, environmental and governance needs are met. Not a usual data intensive website, cluttered and full of numbers, Orbital Sidekick is concise and explains what they are all about clearly.


Trello is a collaborative application and streamlines operations whether big or small. One of the many tools that arre on the market, Trello makes it clear that no matter how complex or simple the process is, teams can can count on Trello to move forward with projects.


Don’t mind the funny name. This website handles local payments for global companies.  What Yapstone wants to convey is that the application can help businesses with the payment platform anywhere in the world.


The business deals with the automation of industrial warehouse processes. The website is designed with sepia tones combined with warehouse images. The images have clear messages of what Acme does that clearly provides information to the user.


HireLevel’s website clearly shows what they do. If a user needs a job or an employer looking for an employee then HireLevel can help.  They also have other useful services so check this out!

How to build a better B2B website

From the examples above, it is shown what an ideal B2B website should be.  Here are some more tips to build a better website:

  • Make the website about people 

There are not too many websites that encourage customers to engage with them. A website should provide clients the opportunity to have a conversation with them and talk about their experience or problems about the brand. This approach helps to make customers feel comfortable and fosters a connection with the business.

  • Converse in the customer’s language

The website invites people to go into a two-way conversation,  the clients also have an opportunity to provide the business with solutions in their language. A good business understands this and organizes this in a way that is recognizable by the customers. The business listens to what customers are saying and provide solutions.

  • Guide the customers on what to do on the website

The best websites facilitate and identify specific functions that customers need to complete on the business.  An example is the calculation embedded on a website. The user can use this tool any time. It is a simple way to assist a customer on what needs to be done.

Call on BurkiBPO for any graphics or website design need. Their creative team is more than happy to assist you and provide the guidance that is needed.

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