Enhancing Call Center Excellence: 6 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Track

In the fast-paced world of customer service, call centers play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless interactions between businesses and their clientele. Delivering exceptional service requires a precise understanding of performance metrics, which help optimize operations and maintain high customer satisfaction levels. Here, we explore six key performance indicators (KPIs) that serve as compasses, guiding […]

Client Self Service Options for the Business

self service options

It is common for most businesses today to maintain some sort of self-service option to help support customer service and even sales.  A collection of knowledge base articles are collected for the customers to read when they are looking for solutions. Self-service options provide customers the opportunity to sell solutions on their own. This empowers […]

Why You Need a Customer Centric Business

customer centric

These days businesses should have a customer centric strategy to survive, Many businesses still fail to implement  customer centricity  as a vital component of the business values. Many are not centered on their customers and in most likelihood the B2B business is short on customer centricity. When the business is not customer centric Most B2B […]

What is the Best Call Center Solution for Your Company

call center solutions

Chat, phone, email, or internet messenger – which is the best call center solution for a company? The answer to this is, ALL OF THEM! Call centers some years ago were populated with headset-wearing operators for inbound and outbound calls. They were located in one physical space but because of the pandemic and health concerns, many […]

Keys to Customer Service Success

good customer service

There are 3 keys to customer service success, that is, consistency, consistency, and consistency. While in real estate, location is a prime consideration, in customer service, consistency is the key to customer service success. Although there is much to say about delivering a good customer service experience. However, there is something else in building customer […]

BurkiBPO Develops a Highly Customized CRM App


BurkiBPO has developed a fully functional customer relationship management (CRM) system that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the business. Start-ups or existing businesses can take full advantage of the CRM for increasing marketing efforts and sales, as well as customer support services. For business to business use, the BurkiBPO CRM can […]