Choosing Fonts for Packaging

fonts for packaging

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Fonts for packaging can help attract customers to the product. We present some tips on which font to use.

Designs of most custom packaging usually have the product logo as the focal part in the center of the box. There should also be a catchy tagline that would be readable.  The fonts used must be able to catch the customer’s eye and the branding message and tone needs to convert potential customers into buying ones.

The font type will make a huge difference in the look and feel of the packaging.  How does the font make the customer feel? Is it fun to see or a serious one? Fun packaging involves bright colors and the design should be fun as well. The packaging must be clear and cheerful.

Font Types

The following font types would be ideal forp packaging:

  1. Serif Fonts

The serif fonts is one of the oldest known font. It has a serious and classic look. The Times New Roman is one serif font.  Best used for newspapers and books. Nowadays, there are many options derived from this font.


2. Sans Serif Font

One of the most common fonts used in the 1800s. This font is very informal in terms of feel and tone. Sans Serif Fonts do not continue the lines at the end of the letters just like the Serif Fonts.

3, Script

Similar to handwritten calligraphy cursive fonts.  This is a warm font that exudes a personal touch. The font exudes elegance and style.

4, Decorative Fonts

This is a diverse type of script that includes  grunge and stencil type text. These fonts allow the graphics designer to have freedom of expression.

Font Size

The size of packaging fonts should be prominent and readable.  It should not be so big that it overpowers the other fonts.  The most important message or elements must be bigger. Brand names should be the largest font and other details like hashtag, tagline, social media icons should be smaller but readable.

Only Include What is Necessary

There may be so much information that you want to include in the packaging.  You want the customers to know the product as much as possible but this can be overwhelming. Some elements maybe forgotten or taken for granted. Bear in mind to include the very important elements on the packaging. If there is more information for the customer, use other forms of marketing like a flyer or pamphlet.

The oackaging fonts will have an impact on the product so be keen on how to do the presentation. Burki BPO have the graphics designer to create packaging designs with the appropriate fonts. Just let them know requirements and dimensions. Contact Burki BPO now!

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